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Connectr for Candidates is a tool that enables you to attract, hire and retain the diverse talent you need.

Save time and money with a multi-functional engagement platform that supports individuals through their entire candidate journey, and then post offer from 'yes' to 'desk', and beyond.

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For Candidates

Connectr for Candidates is the engagement platform that gives you a sense of belonging from the start.

Gain access to digital mentoring tools and chat to current employees, so you’re feeling confident from day one.

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Who are MyKindaFuture?

MyKindaFuture is an award-winning talent specialist. We work with employers to attract, place and retain overlooked and diverse talent. We build the bridge between employers and diverse talent through technology.

How does Connectr help us to support talent?

Connectr provides a personalised experience based on user insight and behaviour to provide you with a solution for all of your talent needs. A combination of digital mentoring, bespoke digital content and MyKindaFuture’s extensive bank of learning material provides the perfect way to foster belonging, while better demonstrating the true values and culture of your business. Whether you deploy it from an attraction, recruitment or retention standpoint, Connectr enables talent to gain deeper insight into your organisation, so they’ll know right away if it’s the right fit for them.

How will Connectr work with our current career pages?

It's very easy to integrate with your current career pages or applicant tracking systems. Simply embed your Connectr link wherever you like to direct your talent to the platform.

What is a digital mentor and how does it work?

Digital mentors are current employees of your organisation who are available to chat to future or current talent about life within the business.

Typical questions could be:

  • How does the application process work?
  • What is your favourite part of working for X?
  • When do applications for x role open?
  • What will happen on my first day?
  • I'm coming back from maternity leave soon, what should I expect?

How much time does mentoring require?

It’s entirely up to you and the mentors themselves. We have multiple ways of limiting how many interactions mentors can have or the hours for which they’re available. We will always work with you to support your mentors and ensure that they’re comfortable with the amount of time they’re spending mentoring.

Do we have to train our mentors?

No! MyKindaFuture handle all of this for you. We provide the mentors with their own digital training modules as well as offering personal support from MyKindaFuture’s team. Mentors can benefit from proactive support, monthly keep-in-touch points and an on-call help desk for any questions that arise.

How long does it take to launch the platform?

Depending on the package that you choose, typical time from sign-off to launch is 2-4 weeks.

Will our platform come with candidates already on it?

No. Connectr is specific to your branding and your talent community, we can help advise on an attraction strategy that suits your needs and your audience.

Is Connectr GDPR compliant?

Yes. MyKindaFuture has performed a data protection audit and appointed a Data Protection Officer to ensure compliance both as a data controller for end-user data and as a data processor for companies whom it assists in finding talent.
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