Connectr for Employees revolutionises the way you manage your mentoring programmes.

We understand matching individuals manually and collating user experience surveys isn’t how anyone wants to spend their time. With our automated matching algorithm and sophisticated reporting dashboard you will have a scalable solution, with trackable impact at the touch of a button.​

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Connectr for Employees empowers your people to drive their own development and progression.

Schedule meetings and share notes and more within your mentoring relationship.

Our expert-led resource hub enables mentors and mentees to maximise their capability and impact, to make the most out of their experience.​

A tablet displaying Connectr
Key Features

How do we recruit mentors?

Who your mentors are depends on the aims of your specific programmes. We can work with you to shape the messaging of your outreach to maximum participant engagement.

How much time do mentors have to commit to?

The time commitment is entirely up to the participants in a mentoring relationship. It will depend on the goals of the programme and the individuals involved. Participants are provided tools such as meeting scheduling and unavailability to manage their time.

How are mentors trained and supported?

We have a bank of expert-led training content created in collaboration with behavioural scientists and leaders within the mentoring industry. The platform also offers regular tips and smart prompts to support participants in making the most of their mentoring relationship.

Is Connectr GDPR compliant?

Yes. We have performed a data protection audit and appointed a Data Protection Officer to ensure compliance both as a data controller for users engaged with MKF directly and for our work with clients we act as a Data Processor enabling their terms and Privacy Policy.

Can we run reverse mentoring programmes?

Yes! Who you want to be your mentees and mentors is entirely up to you.

Can I run multiple mentoring programmes?

Yes. Through multiple instances of the Connectr platform you can run individual mentoring programmes that are tailored to their aims and audience.
MyKindaFuture and DWP Initiative Launch Event: Supporting young people hit hardest by Covid-19

Covid has had an unprecedented impact on unemployment rates across the UK, with young people among the hardest hit.

Amplifying Voices: Forging Change for a Gender Equal World Through Mentoring

In celebration of International Women’s Day 2021, MyKindaFuture hosted an interactive discussion where we explore what more is needed from employers today to drive a gender equal world.

How do we release the Covid pause button?

We need to release the Covid ‘pause button’ by offering real support to the young people who need it now.


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